5 cities you must visit during your holidays in India

Photo 5 cities you must visit during your holidays in India

Going on vacation means exploring a new place, discovering new things and getting new experience of life. Travel agencies can help you to know the best places in India. India is a fascinating country with interesting plant diversity and fascinating landscapes and history. For these reasons, it is good for holidaymakers to go to India.

The best towns you must visit during holidays in India

1. Agra: Agra is home to the renowned Taj Mahal. Actually, Taj Mahal is so fascinating, and it is mesmerizing to learn about its history.

Agra has many other interesting treasures to discover like « Red solid » in Delhi or the glorious Mirror palace of Shish Mahal that is a good sight at nighttime, you can then admire the sky full of stars. Red solid is classed among UNESCO world heritage. For these reasons, Agra is the most beautiful stopover for a road trip during your holidays in India.

2. Delhi: Explore another bezel of India, by discovering a marvelous city called Delhi. In fact, Delhi is has a rich cultural heritage, with exciting activities during your holidays in India.

If you are rather an accro of shopping or interested in fashion, New Delhi, the Capital of India is always there to give more satisfaction during your stay.

You can be given some brochures that shows you the best shop by your travel agency.

3. Goa: After visiting several monuments, for sure, doing an escapade on the beach is wonderful in the Southern of India. The ideal destination is Goa which is often sunny. The seaside is fascinating, with many kinds of vegetation.

4. Jaisalmer: Another place in India? The solution is the shining town that is named Rajasthan Jaisalmer. It is located close to the Pakistani borderland, Jaisalmer offers you a beautiful landscape like in the Bolyhood movies. This town is a point of beginning of many kinds of sightseeing or trekking.

5. Andaman Island: The next destination is the Andaman Island for making an escapade. The Indiana people call it a paradise isle. So, visit it at least once in your life.

In one view, you will be surprised by its beauty of the diverse landscapes. And also, the white sand of the beach and the turquoise is relaxing and take your time to relax. Your exceptional stay in India is guaranteed by your travel agency because they take care of your stay.

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